Ready-made Sailing Routes on the Adriatic

How do you imagine your next vacation? We offer proven options on how to spend time on the Adriatic.

Istria Wine & Gourmet Sailing Tour

Istria / tours / 7 days
195 per day for a guest / 7 days
The Istria region is famed not only for its colorful houses and stunning panoramas but also for being a gastronomic mecca. Travelers come here to enjoy the atmosphere of homelike coziness and taste the best wines and extra virgin olive oil in the world, as well as truffles, prosciutto and honey. This tour also features some of UNESCO's World Heritage sites.

Three National Parks Tour

Dalmacia / tours / 7 days
130 per day for a guest / 7 days
This itinerary is made for true sailing and hiking lovers, as it runs through the most picturesque places of North Dalmatia. You will visit the Kornati National Park, with a summit that overlooks the 89 islands of the archipelago. The Krka National Park is going to enchant you with the stunning cascades of its waterfalls, while the Telaščica Nature Park will make a lasting impression with its cinematic steep cliffs and the healing salt lake Mir.

Dubrovnik Wine & Gourmet Sailing Tour

Dubrovnik / tours / 7 days
225per day for a guest / 7 days
Discovering Dubrovnik is akin to traveling in time – you board the yacht to find yourself back in the year 972 when the Old City was a separate island. On this tour, you are going to immerse yourself into a rich heritage of the region, visit the plantations of the famous Plavac Mali vineyards and the wine cellars, as well as taste the award-winning Dingač wine with the freshest catch of oysters right from the sea. Not to mention walk on the second-longest city wall after the Great Wall of China – in Ston.
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