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Explore the cultural heritage on a 7-day sailing trip from Split

  • Round sailing trip from Split or Trogir, Croatia
    Round sailing trip from Split or Trogir, Croatia
  • duration of Round sailing trip from Split or Trogir, Croatia
    8 days, 7 nights
  • price of sailing trip from Split
    From 550 EUR per person. The price depends on the group size and your preferences.
  • Max guests sailing trip split
    Max guests
    Up to 10, incl. a skipper and a hostess. Kids are allowed to join only with parents.
"Immerse yourself in the vision of the creator of Split, the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Feel the scent of dried flowers and lavender on the island of Hvar. Hear the sound of the mandolin and the gentle harmony of klapa in the night streets of Vis, the rustle of cypresses, and the fragrance of the moist summer mistral wind. Taste pasticada and the red wine Plavac Mali while engaging in cozy conversations on Brač.

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The price starts from 550 EUR per person*

The price depends on season, group size and your preferences of a yacht.

Preliminary itinerary

Inhale the freshest air into your lungs and relax. Ahead lies a week of long-awaited seaside relaxation.
Day 1. Saturday
Arrival. Transfer to the marina. Embarkation is at 16:00 or later — introduction and safety briefing.

Split/Trogir ~ Milna (Brač)

The cruise starts with a swim off the yacht, dinner at the family restaurant Bago, and a stroll through the town. Milna is the best natural harbor on the island of Brač and one of the most harmonious Baroque-style towns on the Adriatic coast. The bay is sheltered from all winds, making it particularly attractive for sailors.
Day 2. Sunday
Milna (Brač) ~ Stari Grad (Hvar)

Embark on an ascent to the Blaca Desert. Centuries ago, monks diligently built a church and monastery within the recesses of sheer cliffs. Dense forests gradually led to vineyards, olive groves, and a vast apiary. This was a strategically important location.

After a refreshing sea journey, a swim in one of the picturesque coves, and a fragrant lunch, you will set out to Hvar Island. On the early evening, a view of Croatia's oldest town will unfold — Stari Grad. The first Greek settlements here date back to 384 BCE. Stroll through the ancient cobblestone streets and dine at a local tavern under the open sky.
Day 3. Monday
Stari Grad ~ Hvar (Hvar) / Pakleni Islands

Explore the Stari Grad Plain and immerse yourself in Hvar's culture, an ideal example of sustainable land cultivation in our time.

After lunch, we'll hoist the sails and cruise along the coast of the island of Hvar. Water taxis are available in the capital. Begin your exploration by visiting the ancient fortress of Fortica. From here, enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding islands.

Many sailors prefer to head towards the Pakleni Islands, where it's less crowded. It's just a 15-minute boat passage from Hvar.
Day 4. Tuesday
Hvar (Hvar) ~ Scedro ~ Korcula (Korcula)

After a swim and a light breakfast, feel like a local and leisurely sip coffee on a quiet street, explore the local market, or choose seafood for lunch. Alternatively, visit the house museum of Ivan Vucetic, the inventor of dactyloscopy. In the Benedictine monastery, admire the exquisite lace made from agave leaves.

During the sea passage towards Korcula, make several stops and dip in picturesque coves. Dedicate the second half of the day to the homeland of the great explorer Marco Polo, and if you're lucky, be sure to attend the sword dance performance called Moreshka.
Day 5. Wednesday
Vela Luka (Brac) ~ Budikovac ~ Vis (Vis)

It's best to set out early, explore the secret military installations, and savor the beauty of the island of Vis, a location featured in many films. The island captivates at first glance with its dramatic landscape, charms with the unique appeal of its towns and villages, and excites with discoveries, no matter how many times or long you've been here.

Along the way, swim at the beautiful pebble beach in a small sea-sheltered bay and the appealing refuge for many sailors — the island of Budikovac.
Day 6. Thursday
Vis (Vis) ~ Maslinica (Solta)

The island is situated between its legendary neighbors, Brač and Hvar. Šolta lacks industrial development and mass tourism, but it boasts aromatic local honey, indigenous island wine Dobričić, the darkest wine in Dalmatia, and uniquely flavored olive oil. Why not attend a tasting of the indigenous wine variety Dobričić and olive oil in the village of Kaštelanac?
Day 7. Friday
Maslinica (Solta) ~ Split/Trogir

Refuel in Rogac. If time allows, you can leave the captain briefly and head to the Bay of Banje, where remnants of Roman buildings and ancient walls have been preserved, or take a swim. The unhurried sea passage will conclude in the marina, where you begin your maritime journey. A stroll through the evening city and dinner at the Michelin-starred Konoba Trs, under a luxurious canopy of grapevines, will be an excellent final touch.
Day 8. Split/Trogir

We'll have breakfast together and disembark from the yacht by 9 a.m. Let us know about your further plans, and we can arrange transportation or recommend some good places to make the most of your time.

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