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Yachting and Racing Practice in Croatia

Dare to begin!

Any skill requires practice, be it driving a car, piloting a private jet or horseback riding. Novice captains are rarely ready to charter a yacht and go sailing on their own after a 7-10-day training course in a yachting school. Extensive practice with a seasoned trainer is crucial for building self-confidence. And we are happy to give you this practice.

We also put together crews for participating in sailing regattas and provide racing practice. Our team is composed of award-winning athletes and trainers. Their goal is to teach you the crew teamwork skills and maybe even help you take the helm of a professional racing yacht for the first time.
Open sea practice is the only opportunity to gain sailing confidence. All the students go on to rent yachts across the globe after the intensive courses. Some of them start a new career – that of a commercial yacht captain.
Goran Ivankovic
Professional athlete and trainer


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Cruising training
This training is for:
  • Budding captains who recently obtained their sailing license and who do not have enough experience to charter a boat on their own
  • Those who are looking into obtaining a sailing license
  • Those interested in improving their yachting experience as a qualified crew member
The training includes:
  • The on-hire and off-hire survey. From A to Z
  • Dockside boarding/alongside landing, anchorage & weighing of a boat
  • Daytime and nighttime navigation
  • Maneuvering, steering the yacht on a given course and changing the course, turning, luffing & getting to leeward
  • Setting up and trimming sails (mainsail, staysail, gennaker)
Based on the results of training:
The accumulated distance is recorded in the logbook.

Training Format:
  • 10-day training
  • 2 weekends, 3 days each
We will invite successful participants to haul yachts to earn extra mileage free of charge.

Sail Racing Training

This training is for:
  • Beginner racing yacht captains
  • Crew members wishing to become better at teamwork
The training includes:
  • The main rules and competition formats of sailing regattas.
  • The possibility to try out different roles within a crew
  • Race structure from start to finish
  • Racing sails: types and purposes, setting up and trimming, step-by-step drill until it becomes second nature
  • Sea maneuvering: starting procedure, changing the tack & honing skills at different positions until everything is matrixed into muscle memory
The training will result in:
A confident team that is ready to win

Training Format:
From 3 to 7 days of intensive training

Yachts Used for the Training:

J70, Melges 24, Bavaria 41S, X-Yacht, SWAN 42/45 as agreed by the crew members

Why choose Croatia for training?

Four good reasons to choose the Adriatic for your yachting training.

Yachting Infrastructure
22 modern ACI marinas and
a countless number of safe harbors to practice all types
of moorings as well as daytime and nighttime navigation between islands.
Comfortable Training At Sea
A chance to run small passages without strong currents or tides. Sustained winds relieve stress and make the training more efficient.
Training 200 Days
a Year
There are more than 200 sunny days in Croatia and the weather in winter is +12-15° C. But the best time for training would be during the fall and springtime, when the tourist season is at its lowest.
Stunning Nature
Croatia boasts rich nature as well as 1,145 islands. This is a great opportunity to combine your training with getting to know a wonderful seaside country in the Adriatic.

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