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Yachting with care
Salty Miles is a family-owned yacht agency. We live in the Adriatic and spend a good part of the year under the sails. Our team is comprised of loсal nautical tourists pros. Our priority is comfort for every guest. We are committed to engaging only the services of charter companies with a proven record and treat our guests as close friends.

Clean Adriatic sea

According to the research carried out by the European Environment Agency (EEA), Croatia has taken the 5th place on bathing water quality. 95.6% of the Adriatic sea were marked 'Excellent' by the strictest European requirements.
square meters is the water area of Croatia
place for water quality in Europe
islands of which only 67 are inhabited
national parks and nature parks

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Translated from Croatian this phrase means "Enjoy the moment". Go on a cruise with us and you will breathe in all the depth of Adriatic serenity and happiness that every day on the sea brings.
During the week on a yacht, you will see masterpieces of architecture from UNESCO's list and breathtaking bird's eye panoramas of the sea and islands in one of the national parks, and you will meet the wildlife of Croatia.
Warm sunsets and gentle sunrises, lulling waves, the captivating smell of the sea, smiles of your friends, the taste of the freshest fish and red wine… After the cruise you will step onto the shore feeling the unprecedented sensation of tranquillity and lightness.
The Adriatic cuisine consists only of healthy and tasty products such as fresh fish and seafood, artisanal cheeses and meat, and wines praised by international experts. Each island has its traditions and tastes.
Take your first lesson of driving a yacht with your skipper or learn the basics of windsurfing in one of the coastal schools. Get filled with the energy of Adriatic which will last you the whole year.
What our clients say about us
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David C.
Such a nice summer. Lot's of inspiration to share. Mom, Dad, two kids and a giant Labrador dog + a sailing yacht ⛵ = a happy family having a long-awaited vacation on the Adriatic. 😍

The program featured teaching the nautical skills to the kids 👧🧒, visiting the ancient sparsely-populated towns and snorkeling to explore the sea bed 🤿, taking the dog for a ride on a SUP board 🐶 and many more.

We chosen for vacation a spacious 2019 Oceanis 46.1 SEA-YA yacht with teak decking and a swim platform, an air conditioning system and a generator, a full-fledged galley complete with all the kitchenware and even a coffee machine.
Thank you Salty Miles for organization. It was incredible. We will do it again.
Tinabet B.
Our experience with Salty Miles was terrific from beginning to end. We entrusted them to take care of all of the details that went into planning and executing our trip and they DELIVERED 110%!

Salty Miles sourced two excellent condition catamarans for our group of 18 and accommodated our requests for captains and crew members with the BEST crew for our sailing adventure from Split, Croatia. They managed our itinerary requests, our water toys on board, food and drink, made excellent restaurant recommendations and even arranged for transportation in our various stops. They made our experience so enjoyable and turn-key.

While we had some specific requests for islands and stops along the way, we also trusted our Salty Miles captain and crew to find amazing secluded stops for lunch and swimming, and terrific moorings and dockage in the small and larger villages throughout the Dalmatian Coast. They knew the area so well!

Thank you, Salty Miles, for everything you did to make our vacation so amazing!! We will definitely be back and will ONLY use your expertise!
Hether D.
What an amazing experience! We had two boats for 4 families so we were a large group. Salty Miles put together a great itinerary based on our requests which included both smaller villages and larger towns, good restaurants, tours and more. The boats were in great shape (2 - 50' Catamarans) and the service on board was great - meals, feedback on stops along the way and more. I highly recommend Salty Miles!!
Nikita L.
Great time visiting Croatia. It was a first time for me, and it was truly a family experience. We were traveling on a boat with my spouse, her father and his friend. The boat, 45-meter Hanse yacht, was a pleasant vessel — thank Salty Miles for much help with finding it and booking. It was fully equipped and in perfect condition for sailing.

Weather was nice — a lot of sun, but also windy, which is essential for sailing and also helps to mitigate the heat from the sun. Salty Miles planned a vivid trip across many islands, some of which are parts of famous Croatian national parks like Telašćica. The beginning of May is actually a very convenient time to travel here, and Covid restrictions suddenly help lucky travelers too: there are almost no traffic, and everybody shows much hospitality as you are the only guest. So dare an adventure as soon as you can, and Salty Miles can help with the details.
Fantastic trip on a Grey Perl catamaran. Everything was perfect from the first moment till the last. Boat is in perfect condition, huge, modern and enjoyable. Ample space for 8 people or even 10. We were 4 families and enjoyed everything. Highly recomended!
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