yachting with kids
10 proven ways to get your kids off their phones when yachting
Here we are sharing ideas as to how to keep things fun (and phone-free) for them during a sea voyage.
For small kids it is absolutely essential that their life followed a set routine, and most importantly, that they establish that routine themselves.
Astrid Lindgren

Appoint them captain's mate

This is the simplest and most efficient solution on a yacht. Younger kids happily embrace this role, but teenagers can be a bit different. But the zest for trying out new things will eventually do the trick for them, too. By the end of the first or second day you will all but admire how responsibly they help the captain, how eagerly they learn to tie knots, unfurl and furl in sails, or navigate the yacht.

SUP board outings

Apart from exploratory outings in the bays and around the islands, you can organize mock sea battles. The goal is to sink (kick off the board) an enemy ship. Alternatively, you can have a race which involves going around an improvised buoy. The captain will easily help you run such competitions.

Bike rides

On many islands and especially in national parks hiring a bike is a must. This way you'll be able to see much more during one hour than walking would permit.


The national parks and many towns nestled on the hills of the islands offer trekking routes, which give breath-taking views of the sea and the islands around you. A pleasant tiredness from all the walking and new impressions are sure to stay with you for quite a while.


Snorkeling and exploring the seabed, coral and fish in the clean waters of the Adriatic is safe and will keep everyone busy for a long time.

Diving off the deck

It is arguably kids' favorite entertainment. Not less than 100 times is guaranteed. If you've hired a catamaran, a special adventure would be swimming in between its hulls in the aquamarine-tinted light effused from the yacht.

Introduction in navigation

Doing passages from place to place all the time may tire the young adventurers, but they can get into a motorboat and try to navigate it along the shore or between the islands themselves. Such entertainment is definitely to everyone's liking - this has been proven a zillion times.

Exciting excursions

Visit the oyster farm and see how mollusks, as well as cattle, are grown, harvest olives and make oil yourself, attend the truffle hunt and many more. Depending on the region, we will offer you the treats and interesting bits available there. Contact us.

Reading the map

Why not have a quest in one of the towns or read the map? Several easy tasks will make the kids get caught up in an exciting game for several hours and will help remember the voyage better. The winning team might get a small prize, while the other teams could get runner-up honors.

Festivals and carnivals

Throughout the year different regions hold various festivals, for instance, the city of Omiš is known for its pirate festival, Pula — for a renowned film festival, while the Lastovo island - with its carnival. Align your plans with one of those events — and a part of the entertainment program for kids is settled.
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