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Why yachting in the Adriatic is the safest
sea vacation?

The reasons that will win you over for a sea voyage
in the land of 1,145 islands.
Most travelers had to cancel their plans or put them on hold until late summer or autumn wondering whether the borders were going to be open, while others had to say 'no' to this year's sea vacation altogether. But there is an array of reasons why experts recommend setting sail in the Adriatic, when the opportunity knocks at the door.

Getting away from it all

A yacht is a second home for many travelers. So, if self-isolation is a factor for you in these challenging times, what can be more enjoyable than a sea voyage? All you need is gather your family or friends at a comfortable yacht and set sail in the crystal-clear Adriatic sea. The country of 1,000+ islands has secluded bays, wild pebbled beaches, and cosy towns of not more than 1,000 residents to offer. If you choose to have a cook aboard, they will settle all matters with purchasing and delivering the freshest groceries on board, so you will be treated to the services of a floating restaurant during the entire voyage. Who needs to leave the boat, really?

Keeping it active outdoors

A yacht vacation can be very relaxing - what can be more enjoyable than soaking up the sun on deck, finishing a book or just letting the sea rock you to sleep and catching up on rest. Many travelers bring the following gear along on board:
  • SUP-boards for workouts or leisurely tour of the coastline. Kids adore sea SUP-board battles.
  • Kayaks let one explore the nearby island from the shore, a blue cave or a wartime tunnel.
  • Snorkel masks and flippers, as well as a seabob to explore the seabed.
  • Fishing rods to let your loved ones feast on the fresh catch. Learn about fishing in Croatia in this article.
  • Folding bikes are frequent companions in sea voyages. Many islands offer the possibility to have a ride along pine-tree alleys skirting the coast or across national parks.
  • A yacht charter comes with a dinghy (and is often compete with an outboard engine), so you can leave the boat anchored and come ashore or have a tour around the islands.
  • And, last but not least, swimming in the aquamarine blue Adriatic sea. Learn to jump and dive from the yacht and swim between the pedal boat paddles (this is where the water looks particularly entrancing!).

Health and safety standards

Yacht charters have always maintained certain sanitary standards: before the guests come aboard a yacht, the boat is thoroughly cleaned, the bed linen and towels in cabins are changed. and all the surfaces are wiped with a disinfectant. Apart from that, if there is a hostess on board, her daily duty is to keep the yacht clean.

Due to the pandemics, Croatia's charter companies are required to take extra measures to sanitize yachts before each new voyage.

Salty Miles works only with reliable charter companies that have received a high customer satisfaction ranking thanks to their attentive attitude and observance of all the norms, cleanliness included.


Large Russian cities have direct flights to Croatia, each of them just 2-4 hours long. Travelers may also drive here from Europe - and find themselves aboard a yacht bypassing cities and airports. Pula is accessible from Vienna, Budapest and Munich within only 5-7 hours, while Dalmatia is a bit farther. Croats pay a lot of attention to the quality of their roads, so even if you drive along the seacoast, instead of the highway, you will encounter no holes or bumps on your way.
Healthcare safety recommendations
We have picked up a few key recommendations of Croatia's Health Ministry for holiday travel in 2020 and adjusted them for yacht voyages.
  • 1
    One should minimize the use of public transport. A better alternative is renting a car, which would guarantee the presence of only those in your travel group (your air or car travel companions) who will be sharing your vacation.
  • 2
    One should abstain from visiting restaurants and instead stick to buying groceries and cooking one's own meals on the yacht. Travelers may also consider hiring a hostess or a cook, who can easily provide on-board dining services.
  • 3
    Payments should be made online, such as those for chartering a yacht or renting sporting equipment and purchasing groceries. For a number of years, there have been special services in place delivering the pre-ordered food and beverages upon the guests' arrival on board, so all you need is put them away and arrange on the shelves.
  • 4
    One should avoid large crowds of people. Yachting is just perfect in this sense, as holidaymakers do not need to come ashore and may stay aboard during the entire voyage, should they so wish.
  • 5
    It is recommended to take one's temperature every morning. If the thermometer lingers at +37,2 and higher, one should limit the circle of contact and use familiar medicines.
  • 6
    In case of serious respiratory complications, one should first call a local ambulance or emergency service. On most Croatian islands travelers may find admitting medical personnel, so you can always get help and necessary medication.

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