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Memo: proper clothing for yachting in Croatia

The most full instructions what to pack for a yacht trip.
The proper clothing for a comfortable and safe vacation is crucial when planning a sailing trip to Croatia.
Light Clothing with UV Protection
Most of the time, tourists spend on the deck enjoying sunbathing and the picturesque views of the islands. Unique, breathable, well-ventilated, and quick-drying clothing with UV protection is crucial for yachters of any age. The summer wardrobe includes:
  • Practical shirts.
  • Swimsuits with long sleeves.
  • Light long pants.
  • Overalls/sets of shorts and shirts for children.
Remember hats that protect the neck and ears.
Decathlon offers an excellent selection of essential clothing in the "Everything for Yachting" section from the Tribord brand. In Croatia, brands like Helly Hansen and Musto are widely available in major marinas. Or order CODE ZERO clothing from the photos with delivery.
Right shoes for yachting
One of the main requirements at any time of the year is having non-slip soles. These can be special yachting shoes or sneakers that won't leave marks on the deck. In cooler weather, even rubber boots can be necessary.

Models with mesh upper or ventilation holes are ideal for the summer season. Many yachting brands offer models that dry quickly and remain comfortable throughout the day.

Opting for closed-toe shoes not only protects your toes from bumps and potential injuries, but it also allows you to be prepared for various activities. If you plan to combine yachting with other activities, such as walking on shore or sightseeing, choosing versatile models will ensure you're ready for any situation.
Eye protection and sailing sunglasses
It's common knowledge that UV rays can be harmful to our skin. But have you ever considered the need for robust eye protection?

What are the features of a good pair of sailing sunglasses?
👍 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC rays
👍 Improved plastic/polycarbonate lenses with more than 99% polarization efficiency
👍 Shock-resistant frame and the possibility to change the lenses
👍 Hydrophobic coating for protection against water splashes
👍 Oil-resistant coating to protect against sunburns, dust and dirt
👍 The possibility to choose from various colors of lenses depending on the sailing conditions

We suggest brands Oakley, Bollé, Gill. Code Zero and Decathlon brands offer more affordable options.
Even in summer, evenings at sea can be cool, so a light jacket or windbreaker will be helpful.

Among sailors, thin softshell vests are trendy because they occupy minimal luggage space. In cooler weather, you can layer them over a long-sleeve t-shirt or under a jacket. Remember the simple rule of yachting dress code: layering.

Of course, bringing 2-3 outfits for going out, strolling around the city, and dining in restaurants is also worth it.
Toiletries and medications
Each charter boat has a first aid kit containing essential medications for headaches, seasickness, stomach issues, cuts and burns, and allergies. However, bringing prescription medications is crucial, as only some equivalents are available over the counter in Croatia.

Onboard, there are usually small toiletries and 1-2 shower towels. It's recommended to bring a beach towel (which can also be rented from the charter company). In every city, there are DM or MULLER stores where you can conveniently purchase local or popular hygiene products of excellent quality, often with BIO compositions, which is especially important for the care of marine life.
We generously share recommendations from local professionals on preparing for a cruise and what to bring, as well as secret spots on the nautical map and gastronomic discoveries.
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